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Here's What You Should Know

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, your doctor might recommend chemotherapy treatment. Chemotherapy can target cancer cells, shrink tumors, and treat certain types of skin cancer. It can also alleviate pain and help your body destroy cancer cells in combination with other treatments.

Despite the side effects, chemotherapy has given thousands of patients the best chance of beating the disease. Here are some frequently asked questions we have compiled and answered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The traditional method of receiving chemotherapy is through an IV. Some doctors still use this method, but they might recommend chemotherapy pills or injections for certain types of cancer.

Cancer of the skin can be treated by applying chemotherapy cream directly to the affected area. More advanced treatments involve inserting chemotherapy directly into your body via surgery, reducing the size of tumors.

Your doctor will take numerous factors like the type and severity of your cancer into consideration before they prescribe your treatment regimen.

In popular culture, chemotherapy is often depicted as vomiting and hair loss. These side effects can occur, as well as fatigue, weight loss, bleeding, bruises, fever, and constipation. Your doctor might recommend additional treatments to reduce the severity of the side effects, but over time you might experience more serious side effects such as infertility, nerve damage, and heart problems.
Generally, your doctor will prescribe chemotherapy to rid your body of the cancer cells. However, your doctor might also use chemotherapy to increase the success rate of other treatments. They might suggest chemotherapy to shrink a tumor before surgery or target the remaining cancer cells after another treatment.

If you have terminal cancer, your doctor might prescribe chemotherapy to reduce your pain and make you more comfortable.
As you undergo chemotherapy, your doctor might order X-rays, scans, and tests to determine how your body is responding. If your body doesn't seem to be responding, your doctor might increase the chemotherapy or try a different treatment.

If your doctor determines the chemotherapy is doing its job and destroying the cancer cells in your body, they are likely to recommend the same course of therapy. Your doctor will also discuss the possible side effects and suggest different treatments for nausea, fevers, physical pain, and other symptoms you may experience.

In the modern world, doctors have many options at their disposal to treat chemotherapy side effects.
Many people lead active lives while undergoing chemotherapy. Depending on your situation, you may be able to keep up with work, raise a family, fit and travel, as well as continue to live your life without too many interruptions—this isn't the case for everyone. You may have to take time off work or put certain aspects of your life on hold during your treatments. However, undergoing chemotherapy does not necessarily mean that you will remain bedridden for several weeks. Many people are still able to work during their treatment regimen.
Many cancer patients go to outpatient clinics that specialize in cancer treatments. Some get their chemotherapy at home or in their physician's office. Outpatient clinics offer more personalized medical care and attention, as well as licensed physicians and advanced medical technology.
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