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Start Chemo Treatments Sooner with On-Site Treatment

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On-Site Chemo Treatment

Waiting for test results to come back to confirm whether you have cancer is probably the worst time in anyone’s life. Other offices must send their test samples out to labs that are typically nowhere near the offices themselves, which is why patients often have to suffer the nail-biting wait.

At New Jersey Cancer Care, we have on-site lab testing that can give you results in a couple of hours or less, not several days or weeks. There are additional benefits to having an on-site test lab after you have been diagnosed with cancer, too. 

Advantages to On-site Lab Testing

Faster diagnosis means faster treatment

Having an on-site lab means that your test results are fast. Faster test results mean that you can begin chemotherapy treatments sooner. Sometimes, being able to start treatment right away can make all the difference between treating cancer in the early stages and treating cancer in the later stages. Particularly aggressive cancers cannot wait the extra days and weeks.

Testing for treatment efficacy occurs in the same lab

Another advantage to on-site lab testing is that your tests for treatment efficacy are conducted in the same lab. Your oncologist can see how your cells were affected before starting treatment and how they are doing after just a few treatments. If your treatments are not effective, your tests will reflect that, and your oncologist can change course with the treatments prescribed.

Your chemo medication is tailored to your cancer

Imagine having your chemotherapy treatments or other cancer treatments customized to your type and stage of cancer. When there's an on-site lab, custom treatments are much easier to measure out than if the lab is off-site. You should never get too much or too little of any chemotherapy drug to treat your cancer. Additionally, the amount and type of drugs used can be tapered up or down as test results reflect the need.

This type of custom medicine is also known as "precision medicine" and is offered at New Jersey Cancer Care. You can ask your oncologist about precision medicine concerning chemotherapy treatments right from the start of your journey.

Tests performed on-site

New Jersey Cancer Care is an all-in-one facility for patients who want to remain in one spot from the moment they are tested for cancer until their cancer is in complete remission. This means that after your treatment is considered complete, you go through a few more tests to confirm remission. The tests are simple blood tests and don't require further biopsies or invasive procedures. The tests are the same sophisticated testing done in big centers (MSKCC, JTCC, RWJ, etc.), but in a warmer, friendlier environment close to home. 

You'll have these tests every two to four weeks to find out whether you're still cancer-free. While you'll probably be anxious to hear that you're still cancer-free, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you're being monitored. That's a sigh of relief for most patients who know they can't wait days or weeks to get post-remission results.

Visit New Jersey Cancer Care for diagnosis and treatment

No one needs to wait for a proper diagnosis. No one needs to lose sleep trying to figure out if they have a disease in need of treatment. You can get your answers by visiting our office. Our office can provide second opinions and additional tests if you have already been diagnosed with cancer elsewhere but want to confirm the initial diagnosis. Call today to make an appointment at one of our locations.