Helpful Items To Bring To Chemotherapy Treatment

The first time we do certain things in our lives, it can be scary and make us anxious. One of the worst firsts is going to your first chemotherapy treatment. What will it feel like? Will it hurt? If having cancer isn’t frightening enough, now you must face this infusion of chemo drugs. Make the time as bearable, even enjoyable, as possible. Begin by starting a list of helpful items to bring to chemotherapy treatment.

Start With A Special Someone

Woman packing backpack.

There is nothing more comforting than having someone special share difficult situations with us. A dear friend, relative, partner, or spouse can make the ordeal less traumatic as they support us. They can make us laugh or distract us with conversation. They can pass the time by playing cards with us. Knowing they care enough to spend all this time warms your heart and somehow makes it easier.

Choose Items That Soothe You

Bring your favorite music from rock-out songs from the 70s and 80s to classical ones. Maybe the sounds of the ocean or falling rain is the best way to help you visualize you are somewhere else, like a faraway island.

Use your bluetooth or headset to listen and not bother anyone else.

Do what you do at home when you are relaxed, like knitting or crocheting.


Another way to pass the time is through videos with a portable DVD player or a tablet. Watch some favorite movies that will keep your mind off things.

Books, e-readers, magazines, and a notebook are great distractions.

Soft Warm Comforts

Don’t be embarrassed to bring your pillow, a comfy blanket, warm hat, and socks. Taking your shoes off and replacing them with home socks can make a difference in your mood. Always bring a change of comfortable clothes and layers. Add when it’s cold, and remove when it’s hot.

Snacks Are A Must

Skip the caffeinated drinks and stick with water, herb tea, and juices. It’s important to stay hydrated.

Calories and protein help your body replace cells lost during chemo.

Reach Out

Bring some notecards or writing paper and write notes to friends and family. Decide on 2 or 3 per session. Maybe pick someone you haven’t been in touch with in a while, or someone you talk to every day. Thank them for being in your life and helping you get through this struggle.

A notebook can become a journal of this path you are on.

Find The ‘Perfect’ Carry Bag

Or it could be the ‘not so perfect’ carry bag. Place all the items in your bag for each chemotherapy treatment. Be sure to replace whatever you remove between sessions. Design it, decorate it, have your kids help, but never leave home without it when heading to a chemo treatment.

Contact New Jersey Cancer Care at one of our locations for any questions or concerns about what is acceptable and other helpful items to bring to a chemotherapy treatment.